Set Design

My interest in set design comes from all the productions where I worked with set painting, prop making, carpentry, construction and management.

Best is to be involved from idea to finished product and

be able to merge all skills and knowledge together.

It applies to film as well as theatre and exhibitions.

I have great experience in technical special effects in these areas.

My strengths lay in designing and constructing studio sets, in distortion or in perspective for example.

Making tiny spaces feel big...

And sculptural constructions in big format.

Difficult is fun.

Reklamscenografi 3
TV scenografi
Reklamscenografi 4
Reklamscenografi 5
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Feature Film

Schneeland 1
Schneeland 5
Schneeland 4
Hälsoresan 2
Schneeland 2
Hälsoresan 3
Hälsoresan 1

UR Play


Scenografi till UR SVT.
Modell och scenografi till Stockholms blodbad.